Innovating Healthcare
Combining leading-edge design, engineering and technology, to develop efficient, effective solutions that keep healthcare providers and businesses one-step ahead

No Fluff Consulting

  • We will focus on the best solutions for you, not our bottom-line
  • If we don't know something, we'll tell you
  • If we can help solve a problem, even if it is tangential to our current project, we will go the extra mile to contribute our time and expertise to help steward finding solutions
  • We will approach your objectives and mission as our own
  • We are highly reliable and accountable - It's never 'not our problem'

Partners with Common Goals

By establishing relationships based on the mutual acknowledgement that we are partners and share common goals, we believe anything can be achieved. Not only does this approach help facilitate collaboration, innovation and a sense of trust, but it also enrichens each of our lives and gives us a personal sense of satisfaction and worth.

Choosing the Right Tools

Choose the right tool for the right job - it's an axiom in medicine. Physicians, nurses, technologists and administrators are experts in their field at selecting and using the most effective treatments and tools to provide the best healthcare to patients. But when it comes to healthcare IT, many of these individuals need to rely on expert advice from others to provide them with true, unbiased and reliable information in order to make cost-effective, safe and appropriate technology decisions. We believe the 'tools should bend to meet the problem, no the other way around..' This means that we will support the best solution for you, not just the solutions that are in our toolbox.